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Kordian Group supports dynamic entrance of OEX into the e-commerce market


Outsourcing Experts (OEX) – a holding company whose subsidiaries are leaders in various areas of outsourcing, in early March took a majority stake in Divante, a company offering broad range of e-commerce services.

Four companies that comprised the OEX Group before the acquisition, provide comprehensive services in the fields of document management, outsourcing of merchandising and sales staff, handling of large promotional and loyalty programs, logistics, sales support products, implementation of rebranding processes and telephone customer service. Divante provides the Group with a dynamic entry into the e-commerce market, and strengthens the competences of the Group in the areas where its specialty meshes with the existing business.

Kordian Group supported the OEX Group in the investment process by providing a commercial and technology due-diligence and analysis using our SCAN, SITE and SPOT methodologies, comprising a map of technologies used by Divante, an assessment of Divante offering both in the market context and in light of the Group’s internal needs, an analysis of the competitive position of Divante, and assessment of their technology delivery capability. The study provided a framework to evaluate portfolio and capability fit of Divante within the Group.

The pooling of resources between Outsourcing Experts and Divante creates a new quality in the Polish market of business process outsourcing. This allows us to target new customers and offer a wider range of services to existing partners – said Tomasz Karwatka, CEO of Divante.

The transaction with the OEX Group fund ongoing development of Divante. The company’s management will remain unchanged. Currently, Divante and OEX already cooperate on projects for two clients, from the FMCG and energy sectors.

The key clients ofOEX include: Telekomunikacja Polska, Netia, Getin Noble Bank, Millennium Bank, ING Bank, PZU Group, Allianz, Aviva, Vattenfall, RWE, Tauron Polish Energy, Mars Poland, Johnson&Johnson, KP, Carrefour, Unilever.

Press Release on the OEX Group website